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How much do GrooveZoo cost?

GrooveZoo come in different formats, so the price differs depending on which format you would like. We can build your own custom lineup, though the smallest band size is the 6 piece. Below is a list of our most common packages, but please get in touch if you would like something different.

  • 6 piece (male vocal, female vocal, guitar, bass, keyboards & drums)

  • 8 piece (male vocal, female vocal, saxophone, trumpet, guitar, bass, keyboards & drums)

  • 9 piece (male vocal, female vocal, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, bass, keyboards & drums)

We can also offer:

Acoustic duo/trio 

String Quartet


Jazz Band

Dance Floor (white twinkle)

For a quote, please email us here

What exactly do I get for my money?

Good question! Not just a band and DJ, but a full state of the art PA system, lighting rig and a personal service. A member of the GrooveZoo team will meet you at a convenient location if logistically possible to discuss all the details and make sure you, the client are happy. If meeting physically is not possible then all pre-wedding details can be sorted via phone/email.

GrooveZoo pride themselves on being a band that  bring something pretty unique to the wedding band scene, with world class professional musicians, interegrated cutting edge music and lighting technology and most of all how to create a party!

How far will GrooveZoo travel?

We have performed in Israel, France, America, Germany.....ok you get the picture, we will travel anywhere!

Can GrooveZoo play our first dance live?

Yes! If it's possible to be played by humans, we'll play it!

Does GrooveZoo have public liability insurance?

Yes, please email us for our latest PLI certificate.

Is all your equipment PAT tested?

Yes, please email us for our latest PAT certificate.

Can GrooveZoo supply a DJ?

Yes! And no, not just someone using Spotify! A 'proper' DJ mixng tracks and reading the crowd!

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